WELCOME to My World

I am jeri lee and I was born in May 1, 1939 in that little village outside or Caribou Maine so you can your fingers depending on when you’re watching this video I am somewhere past 80 years old. My lineage goes back to a royal house in England however I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth.  The second child of six siblings made me responsible and an early age and caring for the younger members of my family.
I earned my own keep from age 6 and have always had the ambition to do when Others didn’t and to think when others couldn’t.
I have not lived a boring life having a career as an artist silversmith author and hypnotherapist to name just a few accomplishments. Give me the credentials of being a wise old lady who at the age of 80 started a new career in affiliated marketing.
I do my best to laugh at life well attempting to live it.  I share my challenges to help others in my latest book  “singing in the brain”.   My About page give you more details.   I would appreciate your support in my newest career and an internet affiliate and meet me on face book under   Grandmajeri.